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Questions to President Mori from Higher Achievement Program Students

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): July 29, 2010 - "How do I become President?" asked one of the 60 students from the Higher Achievement Program (HAP) of Pohnpei, to President Mori on July 23, during an impromptu gathering in Palikir. "The most important thing you can do is obtain a good education and be a good person; that is the only way you can become a President," said Mori. "And then you have to have sakau, money and pigs," he joked. The children laughed, but understood the message of what lies ahead.

HAP is a 6 week summer program run by Xavier High School (XHS) staff and volunteers at Pohnpei Catholic School. HAP takes the top two students going into 8th grade from each elementary school in Pohnpei and aims to put students ahead in their classes to prepare them to take the XHS entrance exam at the end of their 8th grade year, in hopes that some of the students will attend XHS.

This year there were 60 HAP students, 4 staff, and 8 XHS volunteers running the program. From Monday through Thursday, for all six weeks, students have English, Math, and Vocabulary/Reading classes along with rotating sports and electives. On Fridays, HAP takes field trips to sites such as Micronesian Seminar, Local Food Community of Pohnpei, Conservation Society of Pohnpei, Nan Madol, and Palikir to tour and meet the president.

Mori answered a dozen questions from students. He emphasized to the HAP students the importance of paying attention to their teachers and to their parents; Mori said "study hard, your life will be so much better, you will have a bright future, no-one can steal education from you."

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