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FSM Participates in 2010 Shanghai World Expo

Beijing, China (FSM Embassy, Beijing): July 22, 2010 - Under the leadership of the Commissioner General, Mr. Marion Henry and coordination of Mr. Bermance Aldis of the Tourism Unit of the Department of Resources and Development (R&D), the Embassy is pleased to report that since the opening on May 2010 and until the scheduled conclusion on October 31, 2010, the FSM booth at the Shanghai World Expo is being manned by Mr. Michael Buchun of Yap, Mr. Petewon Betwell of Chuuk, Mr. Larry Ittu of Kosrae, and Mr. Tang Huiyong a native of China who use to work in Palikir with the Department of Economic Affairs under an FAO scheme.

The overall Expo theme is "Better Cities, Better Life". In support of the Expo theme, the Pacific Pavilion which hosts exhibitions from the FSM, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Palau, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Cook Islands, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Marshall Islands, Nauru and Niue as well as the South Pacific Tourism Organization and the Pacific Islands Forum, has portrayed the theme "Pacific, an Inspiration for Better Cities." The FSM, has chosen the theme of "FSM Traditional Knowledge, A Foundation for Better Cities." The purpose of the FSM theme is to support the Pacific and Expo themes, but more importantly to select a theme that is encompassing of all that the FSM can share with the world community. Under this theme, the FSM is showcasing its traditional navigational skills, the architecture of the Nan Madol and Lelu Ruins, food preservation skills such as the Chuukese "kon", the Pohnpei "mahr" and the Kosraen "fava". In addition, it showcases a stable currency through the Yap stone money. Other exhibitory items being portrayed include wooden carvings and handicrafts from all four states, a canoe from Yap and pepper, coconut oil, noni tea, and other traditional products.

President Mori and his delegation visited the booth on the first day of its opening in May 2010. A delegation to be headed by Vice President Alik Alik is scheduled to visit Shanghai during the FSM Expo National Day on August 29, 2010. As of August 1, 2010, the total number of visitors to the Shanghai World Expo is 35,507,500, which is well over fifty percent of the expected 70 million who are projected to visit the Shanghai World Expo site by the end of this grand event.

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