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Four FSM Students Completed Studies in China

Beijing, China (FSM Embassy, Beijing): August 2, 2010 - The FSM Embassy is pleased to announce that the following students Mr. Francis Anefal, Ms. Philomina Abraham, Ms. Melyda George and Ms. Cheryl Killion have completed their study in China under the terms of their scholarships provided by the Chinese Government.

Mr. Francis Anefal who is a native of the Island of Yap came to China to take up his studies in 2005. Mr. Anefal graduated from Central China (Huazhong) Normal University, Wuhan City, Hubei Province in June with a B.A. degree in Chinese Literature. Mr. Anefal has returned to Yap but will return to China in September after his short summer break to pursue a Master's degree in International Politics from his same University in Wuhan. Mr. Francis Anefal is amongst thirteen successful applicants that the Chinese Government has screened and selected to be awarded full scholarships during the upcoming 2010/2011 school year. The list of successful applicants can be found on the Chinese Embassy website link:

Ms. Philomina Abraham and Ms. Melita George of Kosrae, along with Ms. Cheryl Killion of Chuuk all came to China in 2006 under the scholarship program and were attending the University of Science and Technology of Beijing enrolling in a four year certificate program devoting their studies to the Chinese language. Their Chinese training is completed this year and all three students have returned to their home islands in the FSM.

The Embassy wishes to extend its sincere congratulations to the four students who have completed their studies in China and further wishes to encourage FSM students to take advantage of the educational opportunity that the Chinese Government is providing to the FSM each year. The Embassy recommends interested students to contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy in Palikir for more information regarding scholarship opportunities in China.

For further information, contact the FSM Embassy in Beijing at Ph: (86)1065324708 or e-mail address:

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