Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Representatives of the National Government Participate at the 3rd Annual Mortlocks Leadership Conference

Mortlock Islands, CHUUK (Dept. of Foreign Affairs): August 6, 2008 - A Delegation from the National Government, headed by the Honorable Casiano Shoniber, Secretary of Education, attended on behalf of President Manny Mori the Third Annual Mortlocks Leadership Conference, which commenced on Moch Island in the Mortlocks, Chuuk State on 28 July 2008 and concluded on Ettal Island on 30 July 2008. Secretary Shoniber also represented President Mori on 31 July 2008 at the Inaugural Ceremony for the Leadership of Ettal.

President Mori's invitation to participate at the Conference and the Inaugural Ceremony would also have provided him an opportunity to extend his State Visit to the Mortlocks region as well as bringing the National Government closer to the outer island communities in the federation. Unfortunately due to sudden illness while in Weno, President Mori was unable to attend the meeting, thus, Secretary Shoniber's participation in the President's stead.

Representatives of various departments and offices of the National Government provided technical support to the Mortlocks Leadership Conference on many of the agenda issues including climate change, HIV/AIDS, biodiversity and marine protected area, food security, sea and air transportation, communication, renewable energy, trade and export, and education.

Taking advantage of the presence of the Mortlocks leadership at the inaugural ceremony on Ettal, the delegation reiterated some issues that are central to Mori's administration, including the maintenance and promotion of cultural skills given the global crisis relating to the escalating costs of fuel and food, as well as promotion of quality education in the outer islands. Consistent with President Mori's on-going initiative to promote consumption of local foods, the delegation also delivered to the Mortlocks many breadfruit seedlings for planting. On the side, Secretary Shoniber also took the time to meet with principals of the respective schools on Moch and Ettal Island.

On behalf of President Mori, Mr. Shoniber expressed appreciation to the Mortlocks Leadership as well as the Ettal Leadership for the invitation to participate at the occasions.

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