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President Urusemal visits Hawaii Governor Lingle

HONOLULU, Hawaii (DFA/FSM Information Service): August 7, 2003 - President Joseph J. Urusemal had a meeting with Governor Linda Lingle of Hawaii at the State Capitol Complex on July 25, where the two discussed issues of common interest and concern.

President Urusemal while acknowledging the Compact-Impact issues stemming from the citizens of the Freely Associated States living in Hawaii, also thanked Governor Lingle for providing a friendly and cooperative environment for the FSM citizens in Hawaii.

He thanked the Governor and the leadership of Hawaii and its Congress Delegations for their efforts in the process of amended Compact approval in Washington DC. Governor Lingle said Hawaii takes pride in its role as host State to many different nationalities and cultural groups.

The Governor expressed the challenges in getting Washington's attention to the issues critical to Pacific Islands and shared the experiences of the State of Hawaii with the President.

The two leaders also discussed the importance of education to the youths of the respective Pacific Communities. Governor Lingle acknowledged Hawaii's leading role in working with Pacific Island Countries as host of such regional meetings as the Pacific Islands Conference of Leaders under the auspices of the Pacific Islands Development Program (PIDP).

The leaders concluded their meeting with wishes for successful term and closer working relationship to address issues of mutual interest.

The President was accompanied during the call on Governor Lingle by Lorin Robert - Deputy Secretary of FSM Foreign Affairs, Kasio E. Mida - FSM Consul General, David W. Panuelo, - Assistant Secretary of Foreign Affairs, and Ricky F. Cantero - Deputy Assistant Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

The delegation headed by President Urusemal was en route to a meeting in French Polynesian with Pacific island leaders and President Jacques Chirac of the French Republic.

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