Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

President Urusemal meets with citizens in Hawaii

HONOLULU, Hawaii (DFA/FSM Information Service): August 7, 2003 - President Joseph J. Urusemal recently met with leaders of the various groups of Federated States of Micronesia citizens living in Hawaii.

En route to a regional meeting in French Polynesia, President Urusemal took the opportunity of a stop over in Honolulu to meet with and listen to issues of concerns raised by the group leaders of FSM citizens'. There are over 5000 FSM citizens currently living in Hawaii for State to over 6000 FSM citizens who are working, studying and residing in the State of Hawaii.

The President updated the various group leaders on the progress of the approval process of the amended Compact and shared the challenges facing the whole process. He urged the group leaders to continue their leadership roles to encourage positive contributions from the FSM community.

The group leaders thanked the President for taking time to meet and note their collective concerns in Hawaii.

The President was accompanied by Lorin Robert - Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Kasio E. Mida - FSM Consul General. David W. Panuelo - Assistant Secertary of Foreign Affairs, and Ricky F. Cantero - Deputy Assistant Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

The delegation headed by President Urusemal was en-route to French Polynesia for a meeting with President Jacques Chirac of the French Republic.

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