Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

President Mori Meets FSM Olympic Team in Beijing

Beijing, CHINA (FSM Embassy-Beijing): August 11, 2008 - During a dinner reception that was held at the FSM Embassy in Beijing in Honor of His Excellency Emanuel Mori and the FSM Olympic Team, President Mori bestowed the National Flag upon Manuel Minginfel to carry and lead Team FSM into the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony.

President Mori took the occasion to congratulate the five FSM athletes for their God given talents, achievements, and hard work that brought them to Beijing to represent the Nation in the Olympic games.. In the 29th Olympiad, FSM will be represented in swimming, track and field, and weightlifting. Kerson Hadley and Debra Daniel, both from Pohnpei State, were selected as wild card participants and will compete in the 50 meter free style in swimming. Jack Howard and Maria Ikelap, both from Chuuk State, were selected as wild card participants and will compete in the 100 meter dash in track and field. FSM medal hopeful, Manuel Minginfel will compete in the Men's 62 kilogram weightlifting division.

Pohnpei State Vice Speaker Bernie Martin in his capacity as the President of FSM NOC, joined President Mori in extending congratulations and encouragements to the FSM athletes. Mr. Martin also expressed his appreciation to President Mori and the National Government for the support rendered to the FSM NOC and the FSM athletes participating in the Olympic Games. Martin encouraged further support for athletics in the FSM.

Monetary presentations were also given to the FSM Athletes. In recognition of the outstanding achievements made by Manuel Minginfel, he was presented with a check from the National Government through the Yap Delegation in Congress in the amount of ten-thousand dollars. Also, a donation in the amount of two thousand dollars was presented to the President of NOC to be given to be divided amongst the five athletes competing in the Olympics. The generous donation is from the Japan rotary club, through the family of Naoyuki and Ichie Iwata who are long-time friends of the FSM.

The dinner reception at the Embassy was attended by President Mori, Yap State Governor Sebastian Anefal, Senator Tiwiter Aritos of the FSM National Congress, Secretary Vita Skilling of the Department of Health and Social Affairs, Kosrae State legislator Bob Skilling and Ms. Tanya Mori Bisalen of the First family, FSM Athletes, FSM NOC, FSM students studying in China, and visiting FSM citizens for the Olympic Games. Also present were all the wonderful officials and volunteers of the Olympic that are detailed to the FSM delegation and team.

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