Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Update on President Mori's State Visit to Chuuk

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): August 25, 2009 - On Wednesday, August 19th, 2009, President Mori left Pohnpei with a small delegation of FSM National Government employees to make an official State Visit to the Mortlock Islands of Chuuk. The delegation members included Secretary Lorin Robert of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Secretary Francis Itimai of the Department of Transportation, Communication & Infrastructure, Secretary Vita Skilling of the Department of Health & Social Affairs (DH&SA), Dr. Joanes Sarofalpiy - Medical Director of Emergency Preparedness Program of DH&SA, Assistant Secretary of Resource Management and Development Division, Mr. Marion Henry (R&D), Deputy Assistant Secretary for Agriculture, Mr. Gibson Susumu (R&D), Ms. Oleen Poll - Office of Environment and Emergency Management, Chief of Basic Education, Mr. Burnis Danis (NDOE), Mr. Keller Eliam from the Coconut Development Authority, and Mr. Kester James (PIO) and Abraham Roby from the President's Office.

The President and his delegation visited the islands of Lekinioch, Satowan, Moch, and Nema. On each of the islands, the islanders received the President warmly, with songs, island food, and speeches.

During the island stops, meetings were held with the local governments and people and the issues that were discussed ranged from Capital Improvement Projects (Information only), Sea Transportation with news that Japan is donating two more boats and the Chief Milo is slated to be repaired, services that FSM NDOE provides to the schools in the states, dispensaries, environmental health, climate change issues, and copra production.

The President arrived on Weno, Chuuk on Sunday, August 23, 2009 and the next day, Monday, August 24th, he attended the opening ceremony of the Chuuk State Leadership Conference at the Truk Stop Hotel. Speeches were given by Chairman of the Chuuk Council of Traditional Leaders, Hon. Masachiro Christlib, Chuuk State Senate President, Hon. Mark Mailo, Chuuk State Associate Justice, Hon. Keske Marar, FSM Chief Justice, Hon. Andon Amaraich, Chuuk Governor, Hon. Wesley Simina, and H.E., President Manny Mori.

The actual Joint Leadership Conference between the National Government and Chuuk State Government began on Tuesday, August 25th. Although the specifics of the meeting are not yet available, the agenda for today's meeting has discussion on reform updates and status, infrastructure projects including ones related to power, the road, water, and sewer, transportation/communication issues, sea transportation, air transportation, tele-communications, private sector development, and health and education updates.

Upon return of the delegation tomorrow, Wednesday, August 26, more information will become available.

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