Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

FSM voters to decide on Constitutional changes

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): August 26, 2002 - Tomorrow is day the people of the Federated States of Micronesia will again decide whether or not to change their Constitution.

The polls will open from 7am until 5-pm for the voters to decide whether or not to incorporate the 14 proposed amendments into the FSM Constitution. The proposed changes are towards the foundation of the national government, its three branches, its relationship with the state governments and a proposal for dual citizenship.

The 14 proposed amendments are:

No. 01-1: to provide for a minimum of four justices for the FSM Supreme;

No. 01-2: to allow FSM citizens to hold dual citizenships;

No. 01-5: to establish state jurisdiction over land and water;

No. 01-7: to provide for full faith and credit among the States;

No. 01-8: to create the Office of the Independent Prosecutor;

No. 01-9: to provide allowance for former Presidents and Vice Presidents;

No. 01-11: to establish national educational standards and funding to support them;

No. 01-13: to provide for concurrent national and state power to levy a value-added tax;

No. 01-15: to change distributions of tax revenue between the National/State Governments;

No. 01-16: to increase Congress members and limit length of terms;

No. 01-21: to provide for the direct election of the President and the Vice President;

No. 01-24: to establish procedures for allocating foreign funds;

No. 01-25: to establish the number of votes required to pass Bills in Congress;

No. 01-26: to establish the number of votes needed to override a Presidential Veto.

The Constitution provides the foundation for FSM's growth and development as a sovereign self-governing nation. Established in 1979, the framers of the FSM Constitution ensured a built-in mechanism that would allow room for change every ten years.

In 1990, the Second Constitutional Convention was held in Palikir with several proposed amendments that were not adopted by the people.

In 2001, the Third Constitutional Convention of the Federated States of Micronesia put forth 14 proposed amendments to be voted on, August 27, 2002.

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