Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

New US Ambassador presents credentials to FSM

Palikir, POHNPEI (FSMIS): August 27, 2004 - On August 25 2004, United States Ambassador Suzanne Hale, officially presented to President Joseph J. Urusemal, her credentials as the U.S. representative to the Federated States of Micronesia.

Ambassador Hale succeeds former Ambassador Larry Dinger who left early this month for his post as the State Department's Senior Advisor at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.

During the credential ceremony, the Ambassador remarked on the close relationship between the two countries and continued that she was posted to the FSM during a very important year when major amendments to the US-FSM Compact are to be implemented.

She said the Compact has provided the "right framework to maintain, and improve, our special relationship over the next 20 years." The next step, according to Ambassador Hale, is to implement the Compact. A step she said would require "time, effort and attention to detail in Washington and Palikir, as well as in each of the Micronesia's four states."

Ambassador Hale said the amended Compact holds much promise for the FSM in the sense that it will:

  • "provide funds to improve children's education and upgrade health care;

  • promote prosperity and economic independence through investments in infrastructure, capacity building and private sector business development; and

  • provide funds to maintain one of the world's most pollution-free and beautiful environments."

President Urusemal also noted the challenges under the Compact as amended and welcomed the Ambassador's "timely arrival at the initial period this process [...]" He paralleled the Ambassadors remarks on the special relationship between the FSM and the U.S., and furthered that the Compact is a "unique landmark treaty, not only in our bilateral relations, but also as an international agreement in the conduct of foreign relations.

"At the international scene, we continue to share a common interest in building a safe and sustainable world," the President noted.

In addition, President Urusemal said the FSM would continue to seek the U.S.'s support on issues closer to home, such as sustainable development and climate change.

The President welcomed the new Ambassador to her new home and expressed FSM's interest in working closely with her during her tenure.

Ambassador Hale is from Virginia. A career member of the Foreign Agricultural Service, Ms. Hale previously served as Agricultural Minister Counselor at the United States Embassy in Tokyo, Japan. She previously served in the same position at the United States Embassy in Beijing, China. Earlier in her career, Ms. Hale served as Director of the Foreign Agricultural Service's Ag Export Services Division at the Department of Agriculture. She earned her bachelor's degree from Beloit College and her master's degree from Columbia University.

Ambassador Hale and Mr. Hun Hale have two children: Hunter Albert and Mary Catherine.

Along with the President, witnesses to the credential ceremony included, Vice President Redley Killion, Chief Justice Andon L. Amaraich, Pohnpei Lt. Governor Jack E. Yakana, members of the Diplomatic Corp and Consulars, members of the President's Cabinet and officials from the national government.

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