Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Candidacy filed for Yap's general election

COLONIA, Yap (The Yap Networker/FSM Information Service): August 27, 2002 - Petitions are in for Yap State's candidates for the upcoming General Election in November for the seat of Governor, Lieutenant Governor and the State Legislatures.

The number of candidates running for the seats promises an interesting election this year. Two tickets are filed for the office of Governor and Lt. Governor, with Sebastian Anefal and Andrew Yatilman pitted against Robert Ruecho and Joseph Habuchimai. A change from the two previous general elections where the candidates for the top office had ran unopposed.

Not to be outdone by the Gubernatorial race, the 10 seats in the Legislative Branch promises its own bustling activities. In District-1, there are 11 candidates vying for the six seats: Charles S. Chieng, Mary Berngum Figir (the only women in the race), Peter Giltug, John G. Mangafel Jr., John S. Mooteb and Ben Trag against incumbents: Tony Ganngiyan, Stan Kensof, James Mangefel, Clement Mulalap and Ted Rutun.

District-2, Aloysius Fong is running against incumbent Tony Tareg;

District-3, Dominic Tafleicheng is vying for incumbent John H. Masiwemai's seat;

District-4, has two new hopefuls - Raymond Igechep and Mathew Yarofalmal;

District-5, is between Francis Itimai and incumbent Sabino Sauchomal.

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