Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Vice President to attend mother's funeral

POHNPEI, Palikir (FSM Information Service): September 2000 - Vice President Redley Killion will be attending his mother's funeral in Weno, Chuuk State this week.

Nellie Killion died Monday, September 11, on Weno, Chuuk. Mrs. Killion was the mother of 9 children, of which, Vice President Killion was the third, according to Sam Nathan, special assistant to the president.

"Mrs. Killion was a deeply respected woman, who was the eldest of the Pween clan," said Nathan.

Mrs. Killion, who was in her late 70s, had also served Chuuk as a nurse supervisor.

"Mrs. Killion was one of the very first trained nurses in Chuuk; she was very much respected," said Roger Mori, marketing assistant with the FSM Department of Economic Affairs.

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