Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

New Appointee for DAS Director for Chuuk State

Palikir, POHNPEI (Office of the President): September 2, 2008 - As a result of the recent meeting in Chuuk between President Mori and Governor Simina and members of the Chuuk State leadership, a new Director of the Chuuk's Department of Administrative Services has been identified and agreed upon by both President Mori and Governor Simina following intense negotiations.

In the end, President Mori was able to convince Governor Simina that among the candidates being considered for the position, his own candidate is the best choice not only in terms of expertise, experience and competence but also in terms of his ability to say no and to stand up to political pressure.

While the new appointee, whose name will soon be made public, has accepted the job offer, negotiation is on-going to finalize his compensation and benefit package. Once that's done, Governor Simina is expected to submit the nomination to the Senate, Chuuk State Legislature, for advice and consent pursuant to the Chuuk State's Constitution and laws. Indications are that the nomination will be approved by the senate.

The Office of Insular Affairs (OIA) is expected to concur in the joint appointment of the new director by President Mori and Governor Simina which hopefully will result in the immediate cancellation of the suspension of compact sector grants as the successful appointment signifies restoration of sound financial management to the Chuuk State Government and renewed commitment to the on-going structural and financial reforms. Given Chuuk State's desperate situation, it's hoped OIA will lift the suspension before the Senate completes action on the nomination.

President Mori would like to express sincere appreciation for the cooperation and support of the Chuuk State Leadership throughout the discussions which had made possible the agreement on the new Director and for its continued commitment to sound financial management as well as the reforms.

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