Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

FSM asks for response from DOI

POHNPEI, Palikir (FSM Information Service): September 2000 - FSM Vice President Redley Killion has requested the status of technical assistance requests sent to the U.S. Department of Interior Director Danny Aranza.

In an August 29 letter to Aranza, the Vice President wrote, "Due to the urgency of the cholera epidemic here in Pohnpei, I wish to follow-up on the status of the technical assistance requests submitted by Dr. Eliuel Pretrick, Secretary of our Department of Health, Education, and Social Affairs dated and faxed on August 14, 2000, and one by Governor Johnny P. David of Pohnpei State dated August 8, 2000."

The Vice President wrote that the FSM is open to any alternatives that Aranza might have in dealing with the epidemic, including technical assistance from Interior to review other options and propose more effective solutions.

Killion pointed out that as of the date of his letter, the Department of Interior has not responded to the requests cited above.

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