Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

FSM voters maintain current Constitution

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): September 6, 2002 - Results of the recent referendum showed all 14 proposed amendments to the Constitution of the Federated States of Micronesia were defeated at the polls on August 27, 2002.

The Referendum for the FSM Constitution drew a little over 15,000 voters to the polls, about 1/4 of the 67,000-plus registered voters in the FSM. Poll results showed very slight differences on both sides of each amendment. These figures translated into combined percentages lower than the required 75% votes needed to pass an amendment.

Although the results did not meet the required percentages, the figures indicate strong consensus among the States in support of two of the proposed amendments. Strong support was given to Proposed Amendment 01-11, "to establish national educational standards and funding to support them" and equally strong was the opposition on Proposed Amendment 01-9, "to provide allowance for former Presidents and Vice Presidents."

The following are the official results of the 2002 Referendum, the combined percentages of affirmative votes from the four states:

No. 01-1 = 67.7% - to provide for a minimum of four justices for the FSM Supreme;

No. 01-2 = 56.5% - to allow FSM citizens to hold dual citizenships;

No. 01-5 = 55.7% - to establish state jurisdiction over land and water;

No. 01-7 = 57% - to provide for full faith and credit among the States;

No. 01-8 = 53% - to create the Office of the Independent Prosecutor;

No. 01-9 = 37.7% - to provide allowance for former Presidents and Vice Presidents;

No. 01-11 = 65% - to establish national educational standards and funding to support them;

No. 01-13 = 52.2% - to provide for concurrent national and state power to levy a value-added tax;

No. 01-15 = 58.2% - to change distributions of tax revenue between the National/State Governments;

No. 01-16 = 45.7% - to increase Congress members and limit length of terms;

No. 01-21 = 53.7% - to provide for the direct election of the President and the Vice President;

No. 01-24 = 55.7% - to establish procedures for allocating foreign funds;

No. 01-25 = 50.5% - to establish the number of votes required to pass Bills in congress;

No. 01-26 = 57.2% - to establish the number of votes needed to override a Presidential Veto.

The FSM Constitution, as indicated by the polls, may remain in its current form until the next caucus for a Constitutional Convention - in 10 years.

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