Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Nena Hosted Farewell Reception for Ambassador Yongcheng

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): September 10, 1997 - A farewell reception hosted by the Secretary of the Department of External Affairs Epel Ilon for H.E. Chen Yongcheng, the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Federated States of Micronesia and his wife (Sun Rong) who will be returning home after nearly three years in Pohnpei heading the Chinese Mission here.

The reception was held at Club Cupit Restaurant on top of the Dolonier Mountain overlooking Sokehs Rock and Pohnpei International Airport and Seaport.

Secretary Ilon in a brief remark expressed the appreciations of the FSM President and the people of the FSM to the Ambassador for the professional and cordial working relationship he established during his tenure. The Secretary also thanked the Ambassador and his government for the assistance provided to the FSM and its states in projects, financial aid and other assistance. In closing, Ilon wished Ambassador Chen for a successful and prosperous future and proposed a toast for his continued good health and prosperity for him and the People's Republic of China, its leaders and people.

Ambassador Chen thanked President Nena, Secretary and his predecessors, leaders and the people of the FSM for their friendliness that they have been shown to them during their tenure. A memory that will remain with him and Mrs. Sun Rong (his wife) wherever they may be. He expressed his hopes that the same friendliness and cooperation will also be accorded to whom ever his successor may be.

The Ambassador and his wife left Pohnpei August 31, 1997, leaving in the Embassy First Secretary Guo Bing Gang and two other staff.

Foreign Service Larry Raigatal says that the Ambassador of China has helped the FSM with a number of projects including an extension to the aquaculture project building in Kosrae State with approximately US $400,000; a $600,000 agriculture project in Pohnpei which is being develop and a $3.1 loan for construction of a multi-purpose building at COM-FSM which is still in the planning stages, and approximately $30,000 drilling equipment for the state of Yap says Mahabub Chowdhury from the office of Planning and Statistics (OPS).

The Embassy also arranged several ours of China for State and National Government leaders including State Governors and Speakers and another tour for former Vice President Nena accompanied by various FSM State Agriculturists. The Embassy has assisted in sports development by bringing professional acrobats, Table Tennis Players and coaches during the last two FSM Games.

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