Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Administration's new team almost complete

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): September 19, 2003 - President Joseph J. Urusemal administered the Oath of Office to members of his Cabinet in a small ceremony on September 16, at the national government's Central Facilities building in Palikir.

The ceremony officially inducted the key components of the new Administration, as President Urusemal told his Cabinet, the composition of the new Administration was selected based on the "vast qualifications, experiences and respective calibers that you are chosen as Heads of the Departments in the FSM Government."

The President urged their collective commitment to take on the overall responsibility of governing and serving the citizens of FSM and requested their "unceasing dedication, commitment and teamwork in the years ahead."

The President underpinned the "spirit of teamwork" when he called on support and cooperation of his Cabinet and the Leadership of the four State Governments to "jointly undertake and carry on the task of nation building.

"We are one nation and we have one common goal and that is to serve our citizens to the best of our abilities. The hard work that we put in today is what will largely define the well being of our nation's future," said the President.

The Department Heads administered the Oath of Office include:

  1. Department of Foreign Affairs;
    • Secretary Sebastian Anefal
    • Deputy Secretary Lorin S. Robert

  2. Department of Health, Education and Social Services;
    • Secretary Dr. Jefferson B. Benjamin

  3. Department of Transportation, Communications and Infrastructure;
    • Secretary Akillino H. Susaia

  4. Office of Public Defender, and
    • Chief Public Defender Beauleen Carl-Worswick

  5. National Postal Services.
    • Post Master General Bethwel Henry

The confirmed Secretary for the Department of Finance and Administration, Nick L. Andon, is in Chuuk and would be sworn in at a later date.

Currently vacant are the Heads for the Departments of Justice and Economic Affairs.

Witnessing the short ceremony were members of Congress, State Legislature, Heads of the Diplomatic Corp, Department and Agency personnel and families and friends.

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