Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Setik Prominent Businessman Passed Away in Honolulu

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): September 1, 1997 - Word has reached Pohnpei from Honolulu on August 25, 1997, informing the untimely passing of prominent businessman Raymond Setik from the State of Chuuk.

Setik died at about 8 o'clock Saturday morning. August 23rd at St. Francis Hospital. FSM Consul General in Honolulu Kasio Mida stated that Setik's family plans to hold viewings at Brothwick on September 2nd and the remains and family members are scheduled to leave Honolulu for Guam on Wednesday, September 3rd, and proceed to Chuuk on September 5th after a layover on Guam.

Mida further stated that the family wans the remains to be taken directly to the family's residence on Weno where all the funeral services and activities are to take place.

Setik one of the pioneer politicians and one of those who respresented his home state of Chuuk (Truk) in the Congress of Micronesia, the first territory-wide legislative body ever established in the then United Nations Trust territory of the Pacific Islands. At the inauguration of the FSM Government, (the) late Setik was one of the first to serve in (the) 14-member FSM Congress. He served three terms before loosing his seat.

Setik was a prominent businessman in his home state as well as in Pohnpei where he invested in merchandising as well as in hotel, restaurants and real estate businesses.

As a prominent politician and a successful businessman, Setik is well-known and well-liked and has numerous friends in Micronesia and abroad.

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