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NDOE uses National Standardized Test Results to determine Weaknesses in Instructional Delivery

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): September 27, 2010 - NST stands for National Standardized Tests, a tool which measures a school's performance level through the assessment of the academic performance levels of the students attending that school. The first batch of NST, based on the old national curriculum standards, was created in the 90's and later revised in 2006. A new series of NST on language arts, math and science are being developed through the technical assistance of the Pacific Resources on Education and Learning (PREL) agency in Hawaii. Secretary Casiano Shoniber, National Department of Education (NDOE), currently oversees the administration of these NST by NDOE staff, to ensure their credibility, authenticity and security.

Last week, Shoniber directed his staff to re-visit the NST results of a few selected schools in Pohnpei, as part of the NDOE's pilot project under the National "Bridging the Gaps Project," to determine how best the schools could use their test results to remedy any weaknesses found in instructional delivery and provide data for their School Improvement Plans (SIP).

"Pior to assisting with the Chuuk Education Reform, pilot activities need to be field tested initially at the relatively good performing schools on Pohnpei," said Burnis Danis, Chief of Basic Education of NDOE, "to observe and select relevant and effective methods, and also to pick the right staff to deliver these to the selected schools in Chuuk."

In addition to the assessments of the NST results and the development of SIPs, the NDOE pilot activities include conducting pre-condition surveys for the potential accreditation of the school, and providing appropriate workshops for both the school Principals and teachers.

Accordingly, NST results for Madolenihmw High School, Nanpei Memorial High School, and the Sekere, Nett and Ohmine Elementary Schools were assigned to five NDOE staff teams who performed their assignments at the start of last week and are now preparing to present their findings to Joseph Villazon, Pohnpei Director of Education, and his key staff, before they present them to the schools. Shoniber and Danis will then pick and deploy NDOE teams to Chuuk.

For more information, please contact Wehns Billen of the National Department of Education at 320-2609.

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