Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

President Urusemal continues Pohnpei visit on outer islands

Palikir, POHNPEI (FSM Information Service): September 28, 2006 - As part of the President's continuing efforts to bring the government closer to the people, the outer island visit allowed the President and his delegation an opportunity to see first hand the challenges that the islands face due to their isolation and vulnerability as low lying atolls.

President Urusemal and his delegation met with the traditional leaders, municipal leaders, the municipal councils, church leaders and various community members.

The Presidential visit was also an opportunity for the islanders to address their issues of concern with the Government and provide their views on the challenges affecting the nation as a whole.

President Urusemal and his delegation were audience to the various issues presented by the islands, with the parallel concerns primary to both islands noted in areas of health, education and transportation.

The leaderships of the islands requested the Government's support and assistance to address their areas of noted concerns.

In the Health sector, the Government's support was requested in ensuring the availability of much needed medicine.

For Education, the islands requested for assistance towards the need to increase teachers and the updating of school text books.

A request were made for more reliable and regularly scheduled visits of the governments' inter-island vessels to address the Transportation issue.

The President registered the concerns raised by the islands and assured the leaderships and people of the islands of his commitment to work with the FSM Congress and the State Government to address the needs of the islands.

He expressed his appreciation for the warm welcome and hospitality extended to his delegation.

President Urusemal was accompanied by Speaker of the FSM Congress Peter M. Christian, FSM Senator Resio S. Moses, FSM Senator Peter Sitan, Pohnpei State Lt. Governor Jack E. Yakana and Senator Nihlis Ernest of the Pohnpei State Legislature along with representatives from each FSM National Government Department.

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