Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for the Completed Renovation of the Outer Islands High School Classrooms in Yap

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): September 28, 2010 - President Mori appointed Francis Itimai, Secretary of the Department of Transportation Communication and Infrastructure, to represent him in the Turn Over Ceremony Project for the complete renovation of Outer Islands High School (OIHS) Classrooms, in Falalop, Ulithi, State of Yap, on September 22, 2010. The renovation work was carried out by US Military Personnel from the US Air Force and US Navy, and entirely funded by the US military under its humanitarian and training program.

The military personnel who carried out the construction and renovation work were all present at the ceremony, as well as, Secretary Itimai, Governor Anefal of Yap State, Ambassador Prahar, of the US Embassy in FSM, Mr. Robert Westerfield, Civil Engineer from the FSM Program Management Unit under TC&I, assigned to the State of Yap, Colonel Bednar from the Pacific Command Center, in Hawaii, and Commander Gib of the US Navy, in Guam.

On behalf of President Mori, Itimai conveyed the country's appreciation for "all the good that the US Military has done and continues to do in the islands, from conducting ocean search and rescues, performing periodic maintenance on navigation aids, providing platforms for our officers to patrol our Exclusive Economic Zone, doing renovation work on our education and health facilities, and providing medical and dental services to our people, just to name a few."

Itimai reminded all those present at the ceremony that education was the Administration's "number one priority." He stated Mori wanted to encourage the community to join the government in taking good care of the school facilities, and take ownership of it as their own, in order to ensure education for future generations.

"Without a well-educated population," said Itimai, on behalf of Mori, "our country cannot be viable and truly independent."

After remarks were given by the visiting dignitaries, the School Principal and the Traditional Chiefs, and following the invocation given by Father Nick Rahoy, a ribbon cutting was done by the National, State and US Governments representatives with the Chairman of the OIHS School Board. A special luncheon was served by the people of Falalop, followed by traditional dances.

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