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Former Prime Minister Mori visits Chuuk State

Weno, CHUUK (FSM Information Services): October 2, 2008 - The Honorable Yoshiro Mori, Former Prime Minister and Special Envoy of the Government of Japan, President Manny Mori, members of FSM Congress, members of Prime Minister's delegation and rest of President Mori's delegation arrived Chuuk International Airport on September 16, 2008.

Upon arrival at the Chuuk International Airport, the Hon. Yoshiro Mori, and his delegation as well as His Excellency Emanuel Mori, Members of Congress and rest of Mori's and Congress delegations were received at the planeside by the Honorable Wesley Simina and First Lady Leis and escorted through a honor guard.

Also present at the airport to welcome Hon. Yoshiro Mori were Lt. Governor Johnson Elimo, Speaker of the House of Representative, other Chuuk State Officials and Community Leaders.

Mr. Mori and his delegation as well as President Mori and other invited dignitaries departed Seaside Dock to Tolensom where they visited the grave of the late Susumu Aizawa at Netutu.

A reception was held at the Blue Lagoon the evening of Tuesday September 16, 2008 co-hosted by President Mori and Speaker Figir to welcome and honor former Prime Minister Mori and his delegation to Chuuk. The reception was well attended by the government leaders including Governor Wesley Simina, Lt. Governor Johnson Elimo, Speaker of the House of Representative the Hon. Singkoro Harper, members of both Houses and Government Officials.

Governor Simina welcomed former Prime Minister Mori and his delegation to Chuuk. In his welcoming remarks, he said, "we are indeed honored by your visit to our beautiful islands of Chuuk despite your busy schedule. We note with joy and honor as well as the fact that your visit also marked the important occasion of the Twentieth Anniversary of the Diplomatic relations between our two countries, including the full pledge installation of the residence Ambassador to the FSM."

He further stated "the people of Chuuk are very much moved by and will indeed cherished the profound and special relations that yourself and through your father with the people of Chuuk. Through such connection we have been blessed by, and very grateful to you, and your genuine, and warm desire to promote, and strengthen the existing bond between our people by your visit and your presence in Chuuk today. I believe this is an opportune time to also express, and convey on behalf of the people of Chuuk their many thanks for all the assistance that you, and the government of Japan had extended to our government, and the people of Chuuk."

Governor Simina concluded that we recognized with appreciation the considerable increase in the exchange of visit between our peoples, these exchanges will further contribute to people to people bonds, which is an important element between our bilateral relations.

President Mori jointed Governor Simina, in extending a warm greetings and welcome to Mori Sense and members of his delegation to the State of Chuuk. President Mori stated that we are most honored by your visit to our country as ambassador and special envoy of the Japanese Government. Your visit is of historic importance to the Federated States of Micronesia at the time we commemorate the Twentieth Anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between Japan and the Federated States of Micronesia.

"We are very honor that you made history in addressing the session of congress this afternoon in our Capitol in Pohnpei, this further highlighted the strong friendship between our countries and our people."

He added that your present here demonstrate your sincere commitment and friendship, and cooperation with the people of Chuuk, we note with much pleasure, and value the importance of the special attachment that you personally attached to the people of Chuuk. We are indeed grateful for the close affinity nurtured with the people of Chuuk, which make us proud and consider you, if you will, a Chuukese, very much amongst us.

He went on to say that the people of the Federated States of Micronesia continued to value with grate pride the historic, and cultural ties we have with the people of Japan which began over 90 years ago. Through these years, we have worked in partnership on a wide range of issues that are important for both countries. The long-standing bonds of friendship and cooperation between our two people have stood the test of time and will surely continue to be the foundation of our partnership and the thriving force behind our joint undertakings at all levels.

"FSM, being a small and vulnerable, will continue to seek external economic cooperation toward our nation-building efforts. Indeed we are grateful for the generous assistance that has been extended by the people and government of Japan," said the President.

He added that these are great aid assistance, human resource development and voluntary assistance, student exchange programs, technical and community development assistance, among others. Your personal effort in accelerating and strengthening some of these assistance like youth exchange programs is very much appreciated.

He further stated that the appointment of Japan's first resident Ambassador in FSM speaks loud and clear to the strong ties between our two countries, which will give a high profile and prominence to the state of our relations. "This has been a long-standing desire of my government since the establishment of diplomatic relations twenty years ago," said President.

He also noted with appreciation the cooperation and support that the two countries enjoy at the regional and multilateral level. The FSM will continue to work with Japan cooperate where necessary, and remain supportive of Japan's bid to be a Member of the UN Security Council as part of the overall reform efforts of the United Nation.

A breakfast was hosted by the Japanese descendants in the morning of September 17, 2008 at Blue Lagoon in honoring former Prime Minister Mori and his delegation.

The Hon. Mori Sense and his delegation as well as President Mori had a brief stop at the grave of the late Nakayama (FSM 1st President) and the War Memorial Monument at Bay View.

Mr. Mori and his delegation departed Chuuk September 17, 2008 on Continental flight 956 for Japan.

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