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Three More Public Laws Made

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): October 5, 2009 - In addition to Public Law No. 16-7 that established the FY2010 budget for the FSM National Government, Vice President Alik signed three other Congressional Acts into Public Laws for President Mori during the Second Regular Session of the 16th FSM Congress.

Congressional Act No. 16-7 became Public Law No. 16-8 which amended Public Law No. 14-84, as amended, to change the use, allottee and lapse date of certain funds previously appropriated from the General Fund of the Federated States of Micronesia to fund public projects and social programs in Yap State. For a detailed list of the projects funded under this law, please click on the following link from the FSM Congress website:

Secondly, Congressional Act No. 16-8 became Public Law No. 16-9. The Act amends Section 11 of Public Law No. 15-55, as amended, to allow a one-time reprogramming of up to $60,000 from the personnel line item of the Department of Foreign Affairs to meet the rent and other costs of the Tokyo Mission Office associated with the fluctuating yen exchange rate.

And finally, Congressional Act No. 16-11 became Public Law No. 16-10 which amended portions of the previously passed Public Law 15-73 on Social Security. This law effectively delays the implementation of reducing the Social Security retirement benefits received by individuals between the ages of 60 and 64 by 50% for one year and the implementation of the Social Security tax increase, from 6% to 7%, for one year, until October 1, 2010. It also clarifies some language. The transmittal letter to Congress expressed that the passage of this act provides substantial relief to the FSM public who are facing the adverse impacts of the global financial crisis and requests further joint and coordinated efforts from both branches of government in order to find a more enduring solution to the challenges facing the nation's Social Security Program. For specific details of the law, please visit the FSM Congress website at and click on the link for Public Law No. 16-10.

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