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President Mori gives Leadership Remarks at Micronesian Workforce Development Conference in Guam

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): October 28, 2010 - On October 20, 2010, President Mori gave leadership remarks at the Workforce Development Conference organized by the Center for Micronesian Empowerment (CME) and Hita I Marianas, at the Marriott Hotel in Guam.

CME entitled the conference: "The Untapped Potential of the Marianas and Micronesian Workforce." Members of the Guam Legislature, the Guam Contractors Association, the Chamber of Commerce; the Honorable Anthony Babauta, Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas, U.S. Department of the Interior; Admiral Bushong, Commanding Officer, Naval Forces Marianas; Major General Bice, Executive Director, Joint Guam Program Office; and numerous other dignitaries, took part in the conference. They analyzed not only the Guam military build-up's effects on the labor force; but also the preparations being made by the private sector employers as a result of the build-up, and the actions being taken by the public sector on a regional scale.

In his remarks, President Mori congratulated CME for "taking the lead in capitalizing on this economic opportunity, the Guam military build-up, for our Micronesian region." Mori underscored the excellent resources offered by CME, as well as the Guam Contractors Association's Trades Academy, for providing technical skills and knowledge, as well as on-the-job training and real employment positions for Micronesian citizens.

"I see the build-up as an epic venture," said Mori, "and it comes with huge responsibility. It is our responsibility to make sure our workforce is ready, our producers are ready and our exporters are ready. Our regional cooperation must be vigorous."

President Mori re-iterated that, in improving trade and commerce, the FSM seeks to rise to the challenge by focusing on the improvement of its telecommunications, transportation infrastructures, water and power utilities, and financial services.

Most importantly, Mori said: "the overarching goal that we all aspire to achieve is the employment of the human resources from our region to take advantage of the build-up opportunities."

In closing, Mori emphasized that it was his hope the conference, which had brought together employers, educators, government leaders and workforce development professionals, will allow the Guam military build-up to be a "unifying force for our Micronesian family."

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