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President Mori calls a special session of FSM Congress

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): November 8, 2011 - On the November 01, President Manny Mori, through a letter to Speaker Isaac V. Figir, called a special session of Congress to begin on November 17 for a period of seven days to consider certain important matters.

Five main agenda items have been identified for the session, which include the remaining 4 nominations for cabinet and diplomatic posts and for boards and commissions, budget items for the Department of Health and Social Affairs and others, funding for a household survey for FSM citizens in the US, treaties and foreign grants, and other pending legislations such as the proposed bill on "trafficking in person".

Before the final wrap up of the Second Regular Session, Congress authorized the President to resubmit previously defeated nominations for the Department of Justice, Mr. Maketo Robert, Department of Finance and Administration, Mr. Tiser Reynold, Ambassador to the US, Mr. Asterio Takesy and the Consul General for Honolulu, Mr. Ismael Dobich.

The household survey to be done at affected parts of the United States, especially Guam and Hawaii, ranks high among the President's present concerns to allow for an informed, balanced understanding of FSM citizens' impacts on the communities where they reside. Reports provided by the affected US jurisdictions tend to focus exclusively on FSM citizens' costs on social and medical services without any mention as to their contributions to the economy and wellbeing of their communities as contributing residents. It is hoped the survey will quantify the contributions our citizens are making wherever they are.

Included in the same communication is an invitation for the Speaker and Senator Joseph Urusemal, as well as other interested Members, to join the President and other leaders at the FSM National Prayer Day scheduled for November 24 in the State of Yap. The hosting of the National Prayer Day in Yap this year will complete the rotation of the Mori-Alik initiative of holding "prayer day" throughout the nation on Thanksgiving Day.

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