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Kosrae Upward Bound Students Visit Vice President Falcam

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): November 12, 1997 - Students from the Upward Bound Program in Kosrae paid a courtesy call on the Vice President yesterday, November 11, at the President's Cabinet Room.

The students are here for a week on a familiarization trip to the College of Micronesia-FSM and Pohnpei as well. They visited the Vice President to familiarize themselves with the work the government does in Palikir.

Vice President Leo A. Falcam asked the students what they wanted to be someday when they finish their education. There were responses such as accountants, engineers, pilots, etc. He told them they can be what they want to be, not depending on their grades but it has to come from their heart.

Falcam told them about working for the government that if one wanted to get rich they should not work for the government, but to work for private sector and if they work for government and become rich, "[...] then something is very wrong."

In orienting the students with college life and government work, he told them of his experiences from being a student to working for the government. He recommended the students also talk to other people they know who have gone to college in order to know what to expect.

Falcam in encouraging the students in their education, told them to have fun too, "[...] you have to like what you are learning in school and also when working, to like what you are doing in order to be successful."

Questions from the students included asking the Vice President how long he has been in government. When asked if being a politician is difficult, the Vice President responded, "[...] yes there are difficulties too," and he continued by explaining the difficulties.

The Vice President presented to the students two framed photos of him and the President. he encouraged the students to go out and get their education and come back to work adding, that there is a great need for doctors, engineers and of course local lawyers.

The students are staying in COM-FSM dormitories, observing classes and other programs at COM-FSM, as well as introducing themselves to college life. They are seniors from high schools in Kosrae participating in the federally funded Upward Bound Program. The program is located and administered under the COM-FSM campuses in the states of Chuuk and Kosrae, according to Joe Habuchmai, Director of Academic Programs at COM-FSM.

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