Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Third FSM Constitutional Convention, Day 4

POHNPEI, Palikir (FSM Information Service): November 15, 2001 - In todayıs session, a proposal, D.P. 01-9, to have direct election of the President and the Vice President by the people instead of by the 14-member Congress as currently done, was introduced by Yap Delegate John Haglelgam, who is the Convention President and a former President of the nation. D.P. No. 01-9 would also require that the candidates for the two offices be running on the same ticket.

Also introduced by Convention President were; D.P. No. 01-10, which would extend the time frame for submitting to FSM voters the question of whether to have a Convention to amend the Constitution or not. Five other proposals were introduced by the Convention President: D.P. No. 01-11, to reduce the approval requirements of an amendment to the Constitution from three-fourths of votes cast to a "majority" of the votes cast in all the states; D.P. No. 01-12, on the sharing of revenues derived from the commercial exploitation of living and non-living resources in the 200-Mile EEZ; D.P. No. 01-13, to change the current 50/50 revenue sharing formula in the Constitution to a Tax Revenue Sharing formula of 80 percent State and 20 percent National government; D.P. No. 01-14, which would require the sharing of revenues from exploitation of non-living resources in the 200-Miles EEZ, at 45% for the State effected, 45% for the National Government and 10% for the island effected; and D.P. No. 01-15, which would change the current unicameral Congress to a bicameral one.

Four proposals were introduced by the Chuuk State Delegation: Delegate Proposal No. 01-5, is to change the way Congress overrides a Presidential veto, requiring not less than three-fourths of all members of the Congress; D.P. No. 01-6, to set the minimum number of sitting justices in the FSM Supreme Court at three with a maximum of five, with any vacancy not to exceed one year; D.P. No. 01-7, to allow dual citizenship for FSM citizens; and D.P. No. 01-8, to enable the President not only to "item veto" a bill but to also "reduce" it.

Five proposals were introduced by the Pohnpei State Delegation: D.P. No. 01-16 would change the revenue sharing formula between the National and State Governments from 50;50 to 50:80 in favor of the States; D.P. No. 01- 17, to change from every ten to every twenty years to put to the people the question of whether to hold a Constitutional Convention or not; D.P. No. 01-18, to change from "Trial Division of the Supreme Court" to "National Court"; D.P. No. 01-19, to remove from the Nation Courts any jurisdiction whatsoever in cases were interests in land is at issue; and D.P. No. 01-20, to delete the word "promote" in the first sentence of Article IX, Section 2(r) and insert the word "finance" in its place.

Other matters discussed include scheduling of the remaining days of the Convention. It then recessed until tomorrow, November 16, at 10:00 a.m.

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