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FSM appears before the United Nations Human Rights Council for it Universal Periodic Review

Geneva, Switzerland (FSM Information Services): November 18, 2010 - A delegation from the Federated States of Micronesia was in Geneva to participate in the 9th Session of the Working Group of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on Human Rights. The work of the UPR Working Group is a mandate of United Nations Human Rights Council as per decisions made by the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA). The FSM was among other countries that appeared during the 9th Session, and the review took place at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva. Members of the UPR Working Group as well as Member States of the United Nations were allowed to participate at the review.

Since this is a new mechanism, the review was the first for FSM. Member States of the United Nation are all expected to undergo the review every four years, which means FSM will return in 2014 for a follow up to this initial review. Leading up to its appearance in Geneva, FSM carried out consultations and submitted a national report to the Council.

FSM's delegation was headed by Mr. Jackson Soram, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multilateral Affairs of the Department of Foreign Affairs, and Ms. Jane Elymore, Gender Development Office from the Department of Health and Social Affairs. The delegation appeared before the Working Group plenary on Tuesday, November 9, 2010, for a presentation of the FSM Human Rights national report, and returned to the plenary on Friday, November 12, 2010, for the adoption of the report by the UPR Working Group. Following the UPR adoption, a draft report containing the summary and recommendations of the review will be forwarded to the Human Rights Council for subsequent adoption during the Council's regular Session in March 2011. During which time, FSM will appear before the Council to take positions on the recommendations made by the UPR Working Group.

Throughout the interactive dialogue, pertinent issues were raised relating to equality and non-discrimination, the protection of women and children, rights of disabilities, rights to healthcare and education, international obligations, institutional frameworks for human rights, and other related human rights issues in the FSM.

The FSM delegation maintained that the Government is committed to upholding the fundamental rights of its citizens as embodied in the Constitution, but they continued to highlight the challenges and constraints faced by FSM as a small island developing state in carrying out critical activities and meeting requirements necessary under relevant human rights treaty bodies. They pointed to the adverse impacts of climate change and global warming as serious threats undermining human rights in the FSM.

FSM will appear again before the Human Rights Council to present its positions on recommendations made during the review.

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