Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

President Urusemal to meet with Chuuk Leadership

November 29, 2005 (FSM Information Service): November 29, 2005 - President Joseph J. Urusemal arrived in the State of Chuuk today to continue the National Government's ongoing efforts to address the various pressing issues facing Chuuk.

President Urusemal has indicated to Chuuk Governor Wesley Simina, that the National Government will be following up and discussing the following issues:

  • Compact I CIP reconciliation;

  • Capacity Building Carry-over Grants;

  • Compact Infrastructure;

  • Asian Development Bank (ADB) Infrastructure Loan;

  • Waiver for foreign companies contracted with Project Management Unit (PMU);

  • Health and Education Sector Grants;

  • Joint Law Enforcement Agreement;

  • Japanese Grant Aid;

  • Office of Compact Management briefing; and

  • Disaster Assistance Disbursement.

Accompanying the President is, Vice President Redley Killion, representatives of the six national departments and a representative of the Office of Compact Management.

The President and his delegation are expected back in Pohnpei on Friday - December 2, 2005.

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