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Congress okays rest of national budget

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): December 3, 2002 - Reinstatement of the remainder national budget is among the Bills submitted to the President's Office by the Fourth Regular Session of the Twelfth Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia.

The FSM Congress had during the previous session approved only half of the operating budget requested by the national government for Fiscal-Year 2003. Following each Department's oversight hearings and after lengthy deliberations, Congress finally approved the remaining sum of $11,559,130 to fund the operations of the National Government, agencies, offices and the various programs under the national umbrella.

As approved in Bill No.12-156, the national government's total operation budget for Fiscal Year 2003 is $37,759,964.

In addition to the national budget, the Fourth Regular Session of the 12th Congress passed 22 Bills and 13 Resolutions:


1. C.B. No. 12-19: to further amend Title 41 of the FSM Code of the FSM and eliminate the advice and consent requirements for National Board of Nursing, and other purposes;

2. C.B. No. 12-26, CD1: to further amend Title 53 of the FSM Code to permit tax information sharing between the Dept. of Finance and Administration and the Social Security Administration, and for other purposes;

3. C.B. No. 12-36, CD2: To further amend Title 30 of the FSM Code for the Federated Development Authority to authorize FSM Development Bank's turn over, under certain circumstances, the unexpended money in each State's sub-accounts of the Investment Development Fund, and to cease administration such funds;

4. C.B. No. 12-66: to further amend Title 29 of the FSM Code to enact a new chapter under the Banking Laws to incorporate the Basle principles and other international standards of banking supervision;

5. C.B. No. 12-127, CD1: amending P.L No. 11-143 to reallocate certain funds in Pohnpei's Public projects;

6. C.B. No. 12-128, CD2: amending P.L. No. 11-36, to reallocate certain funds in Pohnpei's Public projects;

7. C.B. No. 12-130, CD1: amending P.L. No. 12-36 to reallocate certain funds appropriated for the construction and repair of damage to the Outer Island Airstrips in the Nation, and for other purposes;

8. C.B. No. 12-137, CD1: amending P.L. No. 8-100 to change allottee for funds allocated for grant assistance to Chuukese students, Mizpah High School, and Chuuk High School cafeteria from Secretary of Education to Chuuk State Commission on Improvement Projects;

9. C.B. No. 12-143: amending Title 9 of the FSM Code to establish Special Polling Places, and for other purposes;

10. C.B. No. 12-147, CD5: amending P.L. No. 11-59, for the reallocation of portion of funds for ED1 in Pohnpei, reallocation of fund for ED Nos. 1, 4 & 5 in Chuuk and change use of certain funds for Yap State;

11. C.B. No. 12-114, CD2: amending P.L. No. 11-49, to extend the lapse date of certain funds for Yap State and for other purposes;

12. C.B. No. 12-151: appropriation of $40,188 to fund the Faichuuk Pharmaceutical and Health Center;

13. C.B. No. 12-152: amending P.L. No. 8-115, to reallocate funds for Northwest Island to communication equipment for dispensaries and to change allottee of such funds from Pattiw Development Authority to Northwest Island Project Coordinator;

14. C.B. No. 12-153, CD2: amending P.L. No. 9-100, reallocate funds for Northwest Islands for use in PJ High School Renovation and construction projects; & Designate Northwest Islands Project Coordinator as allotee of such funds;

15. C.B. No. 12-154, CD3: amending P.L. No. 10-120, reallocate funds for Chuuk ED. 5 to Houk Airport Grant supplement;

16. C.B. No. 12-155, CD2: amending P.L. No. 11-27, to reallocate funds previously appropriated to ED5 in Chuuk to use as a Fishing Grant supplement, for Housing Grant Assistance and for school lunch program supplement and reallocate funds from Outer Islands of Yap State infrastructure Development Projects to the Yap Delegation Office;

17. C.B. No. 12-156, CD5: amend and restate P.L. No. 12-50, to appropriate additional sum of $11,559,130, for a total of $37,759,964, to fund FY 2003 operations of the national government;

18. C.B. No. 12-158, CD7: amending Title 9 of the FSM Code to make changes to the National Election Code, and for other purposes;

19. C.B. No. 12-162: amending P.L. No.9-095 to reallocate certain funds appropriated for primary and secondary schools in the northwest islands of Chuuk;

20. C.B. No. 12-163: amending P.L. No. 9-052 to reallocate certain funds appropriated for the Northwestern islands in Chuuk and for other purposes;

21. C.B. No. 12-164: amending P.L. No. 10-126 to reallocate certain funds approved for the State of Yap;

22. C.B. No. 12-165: amending Title 50 and 51 of the FSM Code to modify the entry and/or work permit process for foreign workers, long term residents and spouses of citizens of the FSM, and for other purposes.


1. C.R. No. 12-16: Requests the creation of a task force for generating additional funds;

2. C.R. No. 12-40: Ratification of the Convention on the Conservation and Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean;

3. C.R. No. 12-42: Approving the 2001/2002 Agreement for "Goods & Services;

4. C.R. No. 12-49: Acceding to the Berne Convention for the copyright;

5. C.R. No. 12-51: Confirming Jack E. Yakana to the FSM Social Security Board;

6. C.R. No. 12-52: Invitation for the President's State of the Nation Address;

7. C.R. No. 12-55: MOU between SPREP and FSM for International Waters program;

8. C.R. No. 12-56: Condolence for the Passing of US Congresswoman Patsy T. Mink;

9. C.R. No. 12-57: Confirming Nahoy G. Selifis to the FSM Social Security Board;

10. C.R. No. 12-60: Confirming Charles Chieng to the FSM Social Security Board;

11. C.R. No. 12-61: Confirming Haser Hainrick as FSM Public Auditor;

12. C.R. No. 12-66: Randall J. Cherry' appointment as Legislative Counsel for Congress;

13. C.R. No. 12-67: Appreciation to the FSM citizens serving in U.S. Military.

Congress adjourned sine-die on November 12 with a Special Session forecasted early next year.

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