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Election results suggests turnovers in States' leaderships

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): December 5, 2006 - The certified results of the recent General Elections in the States of Kosrae and Yap suggests a turnover of leadership in both the Executive and Legislative Branches.

While the States' general elections were held on November 7 2006, the certified results however, took considerably longer given the various polling places out of State and out of the Federated States of Micronesia.

For the State of Yap, the results as certified by the State Election Commissioner is as follows:

Executive Branch:
Sebastian L. Anefal, Governor - elect
Anthony (Tony) Tareq, Lt. Governor - elect

7th Yap State Legislature
Yap Election Districts
ED #1:
Henry Falan
Ted Rutun
Clemont Mulalap (I)
Charles S. Chieng (I)
Joseph Giliko
John Mooteb

ED #2:
Jesse Raglmar-Subolmar

ED #3:
John Masiwemai (I)

ED #4:
Raymond Igechep (I)

ED #5:
Sabino Souchomal (I)

The State of Yap also included on November 7th the elections of the Mayor and Council for Rull Municipality which resulted in the following:

Rull Municipality
Thomas Falngin, Mayor - elect

North Rull Councilman (4 seats)
John B. Ranganbay (I)
Felix En (I)
Andrew Ruepong
Chonmon Saweyog (I)

Milew Council
Albert Ruemgol (I)
Louis Bumoon (I)
Anthony Teleth (I)

Lik'aychog Council
Sergius Yow
Ignathio Tinthinfal (I)
Jeffrey Wuthel (w/i)

In addition to the seats, the Yap election also included eight constitutional amendments on the ballots which failed to garner the votes needed to pass.

In the State of Kosrae however, run-off election is anticipated for the Executive Office to seat the Governor and the Lt. Governor. Meanwhile, the certified results for both the gubernatorial race and the Legislative body are expected to be announced by Thursday December 7, 2006.

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