Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Budget Request Results for the Executive Branch from the 5th Special Session of 15th FSM Congress

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): December 10, 2008 - On November 24, 2008, President Manny Mori transmitted to the Speaker of the FSM Congress, the Honorable Isaac Figir, a detailed list of the supplemental funding needs of the Executive Branch, which the President deemed could not wait for the regular session of Congress in January 2009. The total of his request amounted to $711,510, of which $611,510 was requested against the local revenues and $100,000 was requested against the Capacity Building Sector of the Amended Compact. Congress ended their special session on Thursday, December 4th.

The requests and the amount Congress appropriated to them are as follows:

Under New Appropriations against Local Revenue:

  1. The Office of National Public Auditor - Chuuk Branch, for $66,000 to ensure there is sound financial management and accountability in Chuuk State. The money was to be spent for items considered part of recurring operations while the balance of the needed budget will be sought under the Public Sector Capacity Building through JEMCO. This request was given $7,300 to fund one month of the offices needs.

  2. The Office of Statistics, Budget and Economic Planning, Overseas Development Assistance and Compact Management (SBOC), for $42,000 for two personnel positions in the Compact Division, being the Health Sector Specialist and Education Sector Specialist, for the remaining three quarters, and part for one quarter's funding for the position of Budget Advisor under contract ($6,000). The request was given $4,700 to fund one month of these positions.

  3. The T-3 Program, for $170,310 to fund operations for the remaining three quarters of the fiscal year. The President communicated that this plan will address not only FSM's internal manpower needs in vocational skills but will also enable its citizens to take advantage of the military build-up slated for Guam. Congress appropriated $19,000, which is one month worth of funding for the project.

  4. The Office of the President requested $30,000 to pay for the expenses related to the recently concluded Micronesia President's Summit and the Micronesian Chief Executives' Summit which were jointly hosted by the FSM and Pohnpei State. This was to cover all the expenses related to these Summits. No funding was given to this request.

  5. The Department of Justice, for $120,000, which broke down for $40,000 for witness travel and expenses related to the passport case in Washington D.C., and $80,000 for the Life Extension Program for one of the patrol vessels. No funding was given to this request.

  6. The US Rural Development program for $171,200. This is FSM's contribution to this program, the proposal of which was sent to Congress directly by USDA. The program is expected to result in additional employment opportunities for FSM citizens and inevitably bring additional cash into our economy. Most importantly, this program will continue to improve the housing and public facilities in all the four FSM States. No funding was given to this request.

Under the New Appropriations against Compact Sector Grants:

  1. Quarterly Audit (Compact Capacity Building) for $100,000. This amount was approved by OIA for quarterly audits and President Mori was seeking Congress' assistance in appropriating it. No funding was given to this request.

  2. Caroline Islands Air for $166,537. Which is the same amount appropriated by Congress toward the end of FY 2008 under Public Law 15-11, as amended. Unfortunately the appropriation lapsed on September 30, 2008, five days after it was appropriated, and before the fund was obligated. This request was re-appropriated for the same amount during this Special Session.

  3. Department of Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure for $220,000. This amount was matching from local revenues. The grant from the US Department of Interior to the FSM for improving the four international airports in the four States has already been approved by the US and could be drawn down upon with its matching availability. No funding was given to this request.

  4. Department of Justice for $40,000 for matching funds required to hold the Police Academy. Congress granted the entire funds for this request.

There were other budget requests granted appropriations by this Special Session of Congress, although they did not originate in the President's Office. Among these were $14,000 appropriated to former Ambassador to the U.S. and $1.4 million for public and social projects in the States.

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