Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Four Nominations Confirmed by Congress

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): December 17, 2009 - One of the agenda items that was set by President Mori for the Second Special Session of Congress that convened in early December, 2009, was for Congress to consider several nominations for various Boards and for JEMCO, the Joint Trust Fund, and the long awaited FSM Ambassador to China. Of the seven nominations that were transmitted to Congress by President Mori, four were acted on and approved.

Three nominations that were pending in Congress since the Second Regular Session in September, 2009, were approved. These are for Mr. William Hawley to serve another term as the National Government's Representative to the FSM PetroCorp Board, for Mr. Joseph Habuchmai to be on the Banking and Insurance Board, and for Hon. Churchill Edward to be Pohnpei State's Representative to the Board of Regents for the COM-FSM.

One nomination, that was resubmitted based on Congressional Resolution 16-51 that was adopted during the Second Regular Session, was for Mr. Resty R. Shotaro to be a Member of the Board of Directors for the FSM Telecom Corporation. This was the fourth nomination that passed during the Second Special Session.

Three nominations are pending in Congress and need to be acted upon during the upcoming Third Regular Session of the 16th Congress in January of 2010 or they will be considered dead. These nominations are for Mr. Patrick Mackenzie to serve as a Member of the Compact Joint Trust Fund Committee, for Mr. Ihlen Joseph to serve on the U.S.-FSM Compact of Free Association's Joint Economic Management Committee (JEMCO), and for Mr. Akillino H. Susaia to be FSM's Ambassador to the People's Republic of China. (Note: This last nomination was also a resubmission to Congress based on a Congressional Resolution in the Second Regular Session - C.R. 16-45)

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