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President Mori Completes Visit to Northwest Region of Chuuk State

Palikir, POHNPEI (FSM Dept. of Foreign Affairs): December 18, 2008 - On December 13, 2008, President Manny Mori completed his official State Visit to the Northwest Islands in Chuuk State. In what is being coined a "historic visit", the President and his 34-member delegation embarked upon the MS Caroline Voyager in Weno, Chuuk on December 4th. Having just completed a scheduled tour in the Mortlocks, the MS Caroline Voyager then set off for a 9-day run to the islands of Murilo, Fananu, Unoun, Pollap, Tamatam, Polowat and Houk.

President Mori's delegation was cordially received in all the islands by traditional chiefs, church and municipal leaders, and the island communities. Throughout the islands, the President and his delegation shared information and a healthy exchange of ideas on current issues that significantly impact the communities in the Northwest Islands: transportation and shipping, infrastructure, healthcare, education, climate change and communication.

Community leaders expressed vital concerns on the islands' susceptibility to climate change, conveying to the President that there is a tremendous need to build sea-walls to help deter the devastating effects of global warming in the islands. There were also discussions of the need to build more schools and healthcare facilities, as well as furnish them with the necessary equipment and supplies. There was particular mention of possible opportunities to bring the Northwest schools into the Internet Technology-age by installing computers in classrooms.

Also a major topic of concern was the sharp increase in food prices. President Mori offered support by encouraging the people of the Northwest Islands to build resilience in the face of global trials that eventually make their way to all levels of communities in the FSM. Included in the President's delegation was the DSAP Coordinator from SPC based in Pohnpei, Ms. Marlyter Silbanuz, who provided banana, breadfruit and sweet potato seedlings, which President Mori took the opportunity to plant on each of the islands.

The delegation for this visit to Chuuk State was comprised primarily of National Government officials, including 3 cabinet members; Education Secretary the Honorable Casiano Shoniber, Transportation & Infrastructure Secretary the Honorable Francis Itiamai, and Postmaster General Midion Neth. Ten Chuuk State officials on the delegation ranged from various offices including agriculture, public affairs and social services.

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