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President Mori Gives Remarks at Copenhagen

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): December 18, 2009 - On December 16, 2009, President Manny Mori stood before the High Level Plenary at the Climate Change Negotiation Talks in Copenhagen Denmark, and gave his country remarks, asking the leaders present to save the planet, to save small islands, and to save the people of the FSM.

In his brief remarks, the President highlighted four things that must be accomplished in Copenhagen to "seal the deal".

First, he asked that leaders act now to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Second, he told leaders they must address the non-CO2 warming agents, while they also address carbon, to prevent the climate system from spinning out of control.

Third, he suggested that there be a focus to reduce concentrations of warming agents directly from the atmosphere. Then implementation of carbon-negative strategies can be done to return the high concentrations of greenhouse gases back to pre industrial levels.

And finally, President Mori spoke to the need of a financial mechanism to provide funding for the most vulnerable states, especially the small island developing states and the least developing countries, to combat and adapt to climate change.

A copy of the President's speech can be found by clicking the following link: or you can view his video presentation at this link:

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